Backyard Functionality

Smooth, clean lines add a flowing look to any angular space. The idea is to make each element feel integrated into a bigger picture. This was a 2 month project that entailed a complete yard renovation. It encompassed a pondelss waterfall, flowing gardens and a nice sitting area with a backyard firepit that was enclosed[…..]

Windermere BC

Sweeping patios, pathways and fir trees this yard was in the heart of where the purcell mountains and rocky mountains meet. This natural stream in this property ran over 100 feet through this Windermere, BC property. Deer, bears and other wild life frequent this yard and as well as other yards nearby at different times[…..]

Bridlewood – Calgary – Pondless Waterfall

This was a multitiered oasis that was skillfully planted to add a dash of color to the merging of stone and water. A Pondless waterfall is like a fine wine, it matures nicely over time as plants start to create and define their living space.

Pinehurst Calgary

This project was completed over 8 years ago. It was a mammoth 3 month project that took a crew of over 10 people at times. This property was 2/3 of an Acre and included extensive patio work, 18 zone irrigation system, lighting, sandstone gardens, a golf green and over 10 000 sq ft of sod![…..]

Crescent Heights – Calgary

An older established neighborhood in Calgary, Crescent heights is truly one of our favorite places to work. This yard entailed a more formal look with square patio structures and elegant plantings that surrounded the perimeter of the structures we built.

Marda Loop – Calgary

Marda Loop is located in the heart of Calgary. We took this yard and created a linear looking space that was intended to make the most out of a small area. This yard incorporated a blend of composite decking, patio stones and cedar to create an environment that is visually engaging.

Oakridge – Calgary

This is as shot of the side of the house where there was a hill and grass was not working. We created a nice “s” shaped pathway that moves through a garden complete with hostas, ferns and other shade loving plants.

Patios and such….

A beautifully crafted stone patio, the sound water and a great place to sit can be an amazing ‘extra room’ in your home for entertaining your guests.

Silver Spring – Calgary

A welcoming garden in the front of your home can be everything that your house needs to make people feel welcome in your space. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Bridgeland – Calgary

This patio was created within this garden to create a space in which the homeowners could comfortably sit in their garden on a warm summer’s morning. We used different plant textures and colors to soften the hardscapes and create this sanctuary in the front yard.

A Room In Your Yard…

Sometimes the flickering flame from an outdoor fireplace can be exactly what your yard needs to keep your family warm on those beautiful autumn evenings.

A Back Yard Pergola

A cedar pergola can be the perfect ‘little room’ in your backyard where you can read a book or have a ‘heart to heart’ conversation with a friend.

Westhillhurst – Calgary

This quaint looking character home is located at the foot of the foothills hospital. It’s backyard is equipped with a beautiful rock garden (seen on the left) and a pond that is tucked in behind the russian olive tree. This property was a truly a magical place to sit down, relax and breath.

Royal Oak – Calgary

This waterfall / pond system is mostly a waterfall. We managed to create over 15 waterfalls in this gigantic wall of water that includes various mixes of stone, logs, moss and watercourse textures.

Formal Waterfall

Sometimes a perfectly crafted water feature is all your house needs to create that elegance your front entrance is looking for. This can truly step up your house in to element of class and style that most people only see in hotels!

Flagstone Planter

Believe it or not, this flagstone planter is fake. It is made out manufactured stone and not real stone. Suppliers are getting more and more innovative with different materials and ‘fake’ natural stone is becoming more and more popular. Could you tell the difference? The whole idea with most gardens is to create organized imperfection.[…..]

A Pondless Escape

This pondless waterfall was built in Bridlewood in Calgary, Alberta. It has 2 separate pumping systems and had over 11 different spill stones and waterfalls. A waterfeature is like a fine wine, it enhances with age. The longer plants have to mature, the more connected the rock, water and plant life will seem.

Landscape Design Calgary

This beautiful patio was built out of rundle stone from just outside of Canmore, Alberta. It was mortared together and surrounded with a roman paverstone border from

Chapparell Landscape Design

The only thing that is better than relaxing on your new patio is the smell of rose bushes enhancing the smell of a nearby summer BBQ. This yard included a pondless waterfall, fireplace and  circular patio encompassed by an arc of boulders and columnar aspens. Gardens meandered playfully throughout the front and back of the[…..]

Calgary Landscaping

This is a sneak peak at the front yard of a house in Crescent Heights. The smooth curve that is hidden behind a cotoneaster hedge creates an intriguing introduction to a fully refurbished bungalow in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. We used pavers from and used a mix of desert buff, charcoal and rustic[…..]

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