All the latest news and reaction as the first of a month-long series of strikes to hit southern England begins

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8.02am GMT

Richard Clarke, who works in insurance and travels between Farncombe and Waterloo, sent this photo of his train this morning.

Clarke said: “I am on the 701 and it is horrendous, full and standing once we left Guildford.

7.50am GMT

Some commuters are using the Twitter hashtag #swrstrike to vent their frustration about the strike. Here’s a selection from those commuting this morning.

Day 1 of the #SouthWesternRailway strike. This is going to fun #swrstrike

Day one of @SW_Railway strike, 6.30am. Already huge delays to few trains running, massive overcrowding & ‘signal failure’. This just isn’t sustainable for a month. The franchise should be taken away from them. @SW_Help #swrstrike

Dear @SW_Help, I cannot believe that on a #SWRstrike day when there only 2 trains from my station in the peak hour against the normal 6, you have *shortened* train length by a third. Please have some thought for your passengers

It’s only 7am and already this train to Richmond is packed. Glad I didn’t leave any later. #swrstrike

Good start to the #swrstrike. Train from Shepperton to Kingston (only) delayed. Arrived at latter for the train to Waterloo – unsurprisingly, it’s delayed. @SW_Help @SW_Railway are a disgrace, but so to are the gov. for letting this farce continue (especially as fares go up YoY)

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