They would have just a few weeks to get the legislation through both houses before the January 31 deadline.

Once Parliament has agreed to the withdrawal agreement, the European Parliament will ratify the deal on the EU side, and the UK can prepare to leave by the end of January.

Next, two things will happen. The UK’s negotiating delegation will begin creating the trade deal that will form its future relationship with the EU. Trade teams will also be dispatched to start creating trade deals with other countries.

What about other policies?

The Conservatives will also begin implementing their domestic agenda of legislation. The deadlock in Parliament has meant very little non-Brexit legislation has been passed in the House of Commons, and certainly nothing contentious.

Ms Patel said the NHS, education, law and order, and a points-based immigration system were other priorities.

She added: “Absolutely moving the country out of that paralysis so we can invest in public services and get the country moving.”

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